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Canu, Ceir a Cobs


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The Welsh Cob

The Welsh Cob is beyond doubt one of the most versatile of all horses in existence. This fact in itself is not the solitary virtue which has endeared it to generations of horse lovers. It has a beauty, temperament, and spirit which is quite unique, and owning one of these lovely animals is an experience that should be enjoyed by all horse owners.

Owing to rising costs of keeping animals, most families have to economise, and in many instances the luxury of having a horse for each member, is a pipe dream. However, one Welsh Cob is sufficient to satisfy all the driving aspirations of father, mother’s odd day hunting, and the children’s pony club activities.

There is more to owning a Welsh Cob than driving and riding. One of the greatest traditions associated with the breed is showing in hand. This enables movement and poise, thus providing a rare spectacle. This practice has been carried on for many centuries at the fairs and markets which were part of the Welsh way of life. At these gatherings the owners would parade their horses up and down the main streets of the town, and the buyers were amazed at the stamina of horse and man alike!

By today, one has only to look around any show ring at the cob judging time to realise what utter pleasure people derive from seeing these magnificent animals in action.

As with any breed of animal, breeders vary in their opinions as to what the proper type of animal should be. In this respect, the Welsh Cob provides sufficient scope for satisfying all tastes. In days gone by, as indeed is true today, Welsh cob men stuck to their opinions so fiercely, that it ensured the perpetuation of a virile and healthy breed.

The heritage which is enjoyed by Welsh Cob breeders can be shared by all who wish to do so. Therefore we hope that after reading this article, you will decide to take a look at a Welsh Cob in the flesh. We are certain that you will not be disappointed. Should you decide to buy, take a good look around, at as many studs and animals as possible. Then make up your own mind which Welsh Cob you wish to stake your future with.

Ifor Roscoe Lloyd F.R.Ag.S.

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Llyfr - book

Book available from www.gomer.co.uk and the Derwen Stud for £8.99.


Book Cover

Mae'r enw Derwen yn gysylltiedig â chobiau Cymreig arbennig iawn, yn enwedig y rhai a ddaeth i'r brig flwyddyn ar ôl blwyddyn, gan gipio Cwpan Tywysog Cymru. Dair gwaith ar ddeg, enillwyd y cwpan gan y ceffylau gwych sydd i'w gweld yn y llyfr hwn, ac yn naturiol ddigon mae'r perchnogion yn hynod falch o'r gamp unigryw hon. Gyda ffotograffau hyfryd, manylion bridio a sylwadau gan arbenigwyr yn y maes, dyma drysor o lyfr.

The Derwen name is synonymous with outstanding Welsh cobs - not least those famous winners of the Prince of Wales Cup. On thirteen momentous occasions, the Prince of Wales Cup was awarded to the outstanding horses featured in this book, and the owners are rightly proud of this unbeaten record. Photographs, pedigree information and comments from eminent breeders and horselovers make this a book to treasure.



Book Review

This book is about the eight different Welsh cobs sent out from the Derwen Stud to win the Prince of Wales Cup at the Royal Welsh Show an incredible thirteen times.

Well.... there are many ways to tell a story, but I feel sure that none has ever been better presented than this one. In short, it is nothing less than a masterful combination of fascinating content material and impressively original design, thus making it a compulsive page-turner.

The text (in Welsh and English as befits the subject matter) is beautifully laid out - crisp, concise, informative and immensely readable. To the text has been added a great deal of unexpected and unique 'illustrative' data and all this has been achieved using the most stunningly imaginative design techniques and effects. For example, the cleverly varied use of colour - as in page background colour, the various fonts and font sizes etc., the plethora of attributed quotes, the many excellent photographs (both professional and family archive - in colour and black and white) as well as numerous delightful and most artistically assembled 'scrapbook-like' memorabilia collages. And so on.....

There are also specific details of each winning cob including its pedigree and various 'stats'.(wonderful stuff!), and as a bonus there is a list of the Prince of Wales Cup winners of the last 100 years.

This book is a real 'one off' and will surely become a collectors item, but don't take my word for it. Judge for yourself."

Signed. Mrs Carole Knowles-Pfeiffer. March 26th 2009